Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ben Nelson Harry Reid Bill Qualifies ACORN for Federal Grants

You may recall that Nebraska U.S. Senator Mike Johanns successfully introduced and passed legislation prohibiting ACORN from receiving further federal grants. Since then a judge has overturned that law as unconstitutional and the issue is headed to higher court.

Well, thanks to Ben Nelson and Harry Reid and the Ben Nelson, Harry Reid, Obama Health Care Bill, ACORN will qualify for grants under their bill.

The enabler can be found on pages 240 through 248 of Harry and Ben's manager's amendment where six agencies are established in the "Office of Minority Health." ACORN could qualify for grants under this as well as for funding on page 150 of the bill where such organizations could conduct public education activities to raise awareness of qualified health plans.

Whether a higher court reverses the lower court ruling or not, ACORN could still qualify under the funding available on page 150 of the Nelson Reid Bill.

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Anonymous said...

Whorific Ben: "They won't use your Federal money for abortion, just a part of premiums. See I am pro-life"