Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What the Mayor and His Lackeys Said..

Just a little follow up on yesterday's posting, Omaha's Mayor and His Lackeys.. We were reviewing our notes from the November 10, Omaha City Council Meeting and lest those who voted in favor of giving you a 2% Omaha sales tax protest they didn't mean to do so, here's what they said:

Gernandt: "I would appeal to all of you" to pass this."

Gernandt: "Give people a chance to vote." In other words, bail me out for my inaction over the last four years as I sat on the back bench and said nothing.

Gray: "I don't see what's wrong with letting the Mayor try." Of course, you'd expect this from Gray who has yet to see a tax he doesn't like.

Suttle: "The city can impose a garbage tax with the vote of people with the vote of five council members to put it on the ballot."

Suttle: "The pension short fall this council and I inherited." Guess he forgot he was on the City Council for four years while the pension program crashed and while he showed no intellectual curiosity as to the affects of the Fahey give-a-ways to the unions.

And what did the 'good guys say?

Thompson: "Voting today lets the Unions off the hook."

Festersen: "This is the biggest issue we will face for the next eight years (?). We need to assure ourselves that we've done everything possible before we do this."

Stothert: "No"

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Bob Smith said...

Thompsons statement is incorrect this was only vote for how the city was going to come up with its share of the 15 million needed form each side. The police union already found a way to save the fund 13.5 million, I am sure the fire union will also find a way to save around 15 million. So if the city council rejects this method of collecting its extra 15 million a year how are they going to suggest that the city comes up with a way to contribute it share.