Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tom White Already Breaking the Law And Not Even In Congress Yet

One of the first things anyone who runs for Congress learns is that you can't transfer funds raised for state or local campaigns to a national campaign committee. Apparently, Democrat Congressional candidate Tom White and his campaign are learning impaired as they transferred $1,000 from his legislative campaign to his Federal campaign. This should give us an idea of the inept, bungling campaign we can expect from this leftist liberal.

Apparently, the money has been transferred back after being caught. A mistake like this would cost the campaign thousands of dollars if it was done under the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission rules, but he will probably get a hand slap by the FEC. We do wonder, however, if his transfer or reporting will cause him problems under the NADC rules?


Anonymous said...

So did you report him? File a complaint? That is what lefties do. They bug the inspectors so much that they get action. How about complaining to the boss of the NADC inspectors?

Anonymous said...

If White has fixed the problem, then why hasn't he filed an amended report for the Qtr w/the FEC?

Tells me they haven't done jack yet on it...they could get a fine for not filing the amended in a timely manner.