Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Say No To Expansion of Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Patrick McPherson

I'm hearing the barrage of commercials from the Bonness family and others about embryonic stem cell research, sponsored by those who want the University of Nebraska to have free reign in using your tax dollars and facilities to destroy human embryos in order to save folks who suffer from diseases today. In other words the lives of the living, who survived the abortion holocaust of the last 40 years are more important that the human embryo that they grew from to childhood or adulthood.

I was the chairman of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Diabetes Association for about 5 years in late 90's through 2003. I had a twin brother die from the affects of the disease and have an older brother who has lost his eye site from the disease and also has Parkinson's. Despite these things, there is no way I can justify the killing of embryos/human beings for moral and ethical reasons, particularly when other more viable and proven methods of research are available.

Nebraska's University has plenty of opportunities to do ethical and impactful research on non-embryonic stem cells and has available to it the original lines approved by the Bush administration in 2001.

As Nebraskans and as ethical humans we don't need to play God by destroying one life to save another.


Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Have you considered speaking during the Public Comment period allowed at the Regents meetings Patrick? We need more personal stories like yours. Thank you!

Voice of Reason said...

This is crap. God knows that only stem cells can come from aborted babies. Let's not remind our selves that the term "aborted" also means loss of a child through NATURAL causes. There are other ways to get stem cells as well. I'm sick and tired of uneducated people making asinine assumptions based purely on their lack of education in this subject. As far as I'm concerned, babies by abortion from ANY means should be used. The doctors should not be paid for providing this "tissue" as some would like to call it (gag), but why not take the darkness and show the light behind it. If the loss of one life can save another, then what is the issue. You are never going to be able to prevent abortions and that prevention of, is completely separate from your argument. The two should have NOTHING to do with each other. Keep killing people by denying those that could be miraculously saved through stem cell research. I'd like to see what your answer to God is when He asks you why you didn't just simply try to save lives instead of perpetuating evil.

Anonymous said...

What a jackass! Ever heard of UMBILICAL CORD stem cells. You don't need aborted babies to get stem cells.

Nothing has ever came from fetal stem cell research on aborted babies. No discoveries at all. The real promise is from umbilical cord stem cell research.

This argument is nothing more than liberal control versus rational reasoning.