Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Republican State Senators Should Support Their Own

Last week, the legislature elected State Senator Amanda McGill to chair the Urban Affairs Committee rather than Scott Price. While the Douglas Street Rag opined that, "it was reassuring to see the Legislature take a non-partisan approach in electing" her.

We disagree. Scott Price was more than capable of doing a superior job in chairing this committee. Too often, the Republican majority fails to help advance their generally conservative philosophy and prevents Republicans who want leadership opportunity from getting the chance. With Republicans controlling more than 30 seats in the Legislature, there is no reason for any Democrat to have a chairmanship!

Shame on those Republicans who hid under the scam of a secret vote for not supporting one of their own!

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention Amanda McGill is rabidly pro-abortion; she couldn't get enough of attacking LB 675, the ultrasound bill, on the floor. What IS up with people on the opposite political side putting her in over Sen. Price? This is where our friends could have been a big help.