Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nelson: Between The Rock and The Hard Place, Part 2

Earlier today we opined about Senator Nelson (Nelson: Between The Rock and The Hard Place), discussing what he might or might not do on health care reform. In our mail to contributors this morning we got example of the pressure being put on Nelson from none other than Moveon.org.

Here's what they exhorted we good Democrats with and to do:

Dear Nebraska MoveOn member,

The Senate is ready to take up health care, but Senator Ben Nelson may help Republicans block a fair, up-or-down vote on reform.

We can't afford to wait. Nearly 45,000 people a year are dying because of inadequate health insurance—more than from drunk driving and homicide combined.And if we don't pass reform, insurance premiums could double in the next ten years.

Because of procedural rules in the Senate, just one Democrat can doom health care reform by helping Republicans filibuster. Sen. Nelson is one of the only Democrats who hasn't promised to give reform an up-or-down vote. As he decides what to do, he needs to hear from his constituents that blocking a vote is unacceptable.

Can you ask Sen. Nelson to support an up-or-down vote on health care?
Senator Ben Nelson Phone: 202-224-6551

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One Out In The Third said...

One would think that Ben Nelson especially would be the most likely to see a "turkey" when one strutted out before him. His only option is to shoot down Obamacare in it's entirety...fix the fraud in Medicare and Medicaid...then go about helping the uninsured.

He isn't paying attention to the majority of Nebraskans that know a turkey when they see one.