Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Troops To Afghanistan And A Plan To Get Out

Many Americans have died while Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama has fiddled, but rest assured he has finally made some form of decision and now has found the time to visit with the American public next Tuesday (American lives not apparently being a priority) about his plans to send more troops and his preconceived notion of how he will get us out of there regardless of the ultimate consequences. It's a plan that we suspect even the former failed U.S. Senator from Nebraska, Chuckie (I have an extended case of post-traumatic-stress syndrome) Hagel will be unlikely to support.

We just hope, and now we sound like Hagel, that this isn't a plan that just makes Americans soldiers pawns on a chess board until we can 'find and create' an excuse to get out.....

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EyesWideOpen said...

Yes many Americans have died in our wars of conquest, not to mention millions of innocent foreigners killed, maimed, and displaced. Their blood is on our hands. The American empire is a murderous beast, a pox on the world. We must stop this madness before we destroy ourselves. All Americans out of Afghanistan and Iraq now!