Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mayor's Spokesman Lies to Media

Yes, that is right. Mayor Suttle's Spokesman, Ron Gerard, lied to the media yesterday when he said the mayor was supportive of allowing Chuck Sigerson's seat to remain vacant until he returns to the council or until the six month period allowed in the charter runs out.

As we wrote yesterday, Suttle has actively sought to get some leading members of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce to join him by hastening Sigerson's removal from the council. We have confirmed this from two independent sources, one of them being a councilman. So despite what Mayor Suttle has told the media and despite what his spokesman has told the media, their sympathetic statements that they are wishing Sigerson well and await his return are no more than downright lies.

Perhaps, someone should ask the mayor's public-trust breaking chief of Staff (You recall he was fired by the Missouri-Papio NRD for breach of public trust for lying to his board about an affair) Steve Oltmans what he was talking about behind closed doors in various city councilmen's offices on Tuesday. Let's make it clear--it was about the Mayor's scheme to remove Sigerson after the end of November.


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Anonymous said...

Ch. 6 reported this evening (10 p.m. newscast) that Suttle was amenable to allowing Chuck S. the necessary "excuse" to allow him to remain in office through the six month leave period. Has Suttle changed his mind, or has Ch. 6 been duped?????????????