Monday, November 30, 2009

A Letter from Tom White

Liberal leftist Obama lover Democrat candidate for the Second Congressional seat is sending us letters and we note he is couching next year's election as one that will decide whether he or Lee Terry are for change. Perhaps, White hasn't quite got the drift, but this idea of Obama change isn't going over to well with his nationalization of the finance industry, his nationalization of the auto industry, his desire to destroy millions of jobs through cap and trade, his outrageous and futile stimulus bill spending and his attempt to take over 17% of the American economy through health care 'reform.' The liberal leftist ideas of White and the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama are simply out of touch with where Nebraska's Second Congressional District voters are going regardless of that one electoral vote they gave last year.

Here's part of what White had to say in his letter:

We’re at that point in an election cycle where the pundits obsess over the wind. Who’s running against it? Who has it at their backs?

Lee Terry thinks he knows which way the wind is blowing – as a career politician, he has a lot of practice at guessing that. He thinks that by opposing health insurance reform and voting against the President every chance he gets, he’ll be able to drift to another term in office.

Truth is, it’s way too early to determine which way the wind will blow next November. Here’s what we know: this will be a hard-fought campaign, and we’ll need to invest in building a strong people-powered network.......

Make no mistake – this will be a campaign about the issues and who will fight for fundamental change. But grassroots fundraising is an early, important test. The pundits and both national parties are watching our race closely as they try to figure out which way the wind will be blowing next year."

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Anonymous said...

this just tells me that he isn't getting any traction on his previous hit pieces-I mean fund raising emails.

the only wind that White has going for him is the hot air he keeps trying to float his "I'm a nice guy" balloon.