Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Duped by the Lies?

If you read the morning Douglas Street Rag and the article written by Robyn Tysver, you will see that she happily reported what several members of the Omaha City Council and the mayor's chief of staff wanted her to report after being exposed for their attempt to remove Councilman Sigerson after his nearly three months absence due to his stroke and heart attack. We'd expect this weak, uninvestigative report from Tysver, who lacks any intellectual curiosity to go beyond the pablum fed her by these liars who got caught in the act.

We at the Objective Conservative stand by the truth of our revelations. If Councilmen Jerram and Gernadt and Mayor Suttle would like to dispute what we have said we can suggest some folks that know how to administer polygraph tests.


Anonymous said...

Mayor LaPetomayne (KFAB's Jim Rose's nickname for our illustrious mayor!) Suttle this morning on The Good Morning Show was asked directly about this situation, and he attempted to support Chuck's return while leaving enough verbal wiggle room to not completely rule out a possible expulsion after 3 months.

Are we witnessing the same dishonest arrogance in the Omaha administration and council leader-ship as we are in our national Administration and Congress???

Anonymous said...

I take it Suttle's trip to Washinton was unevenful.
It has been awlfully quiet about the Police/Fire pension but I have been told they will get what they want in a round about way. I know Garry Gernandt sister-in- law who is a republican told him at a get together He was a disgrace to the family over some remarks He made.