Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Democrats at City Hall Ready to Oust Sigerson

Nothing like kicking a man when he's down but that's exactly what the cabal at Omaha City Hall is planning on doing. Because they haven't 'excused' Chuck Sigerson, who had a heart attack and a stroke in early September, Mayor Suttle and his Democrat lackies on the Omaha City Council are actively working to remove Chuck from his council seat so they can replace him with another Democrat. Here's what we know:
  • Mayor Suttle doesn't want to wait until six months have elapsed before replacing Sigerson.
  • Mayor Suttle, six weeks ago, told members of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce that he couldn't wait for Sigerson to come back and he asked those Chamber big-wigs to help he replace Sigerson a.s.a.p, so he could move on with his agenda. The reception they gave Suttle was at best quiet amazement.
  • Chris Jerram, who doesn't have enough problems given his conflict of interest issues, is leading the charge to replace Sigerson.
  • Council President Gernandt, who barely has the skills to push a vote button let alone run a meeting, has told others that he intends to see Sigerson replaced by a Democrat.
  • A contrived 'excuse' proposal was sent to the City Attorney, Paul Kratz. The proposal purposely left out the term 'excused' so that even after it was passed so magnanimously by the council, Sigerson could be replaced after November as having 3 months of unexcused absences.

We understand the world of politics and we can't blame the Democrat cabal at City Hall for seeking an opportunity to replace a powerful Republican with a robot Democrat to further their agenda of tax increases, union favoritism and cronyism, but have these folks no shame?

The local media should expose this travesty and citizens should tell their mayor and council (some of who may very well face recall in the near future) that they should quit their partisan shenanigan's.

We'd like to hear the responses of Suttle, Jerram and Gernandt, but they're not apt to admit their scheme or the truth.


Dayton Headlee said...

I'm not one to call names, but this is pure cowardice. Using a stroke/ heart attack to get rid of political enemies is reprehensible.

Ricky said...

Interesting, as I read this as a link from the tom becka facebook page, but not much detail, so it is hard for me to take it seriously.

ricky from omaha

Anonymous said...

And just the other day I said that the RECALL wouldn't work right now because Suttle hasn't done anything stupid lately. He's been staying low except for him, the Governor and the sales tax situation. Doesn't look like his normal self attitude in D.C. did us any good either. If they try this, I just might be eating my words. Maybe, 2 or 3 Council Members should be included.