Monday, November 23, 2009

The Audacious Behavior of Mayor Suttle

There is no question that Mayor Suttle is a little taken with himself but sometimes he lacks total propriety. In a recent case, he attended a Salvation Army Tree of Lights reception at Champions Run. Finding he was not on the agenda he decided that 'he was the mayor' and should be able to speak. Not wanting to offend the Mayor, the agenda was altered and Suttle got his words in and once again showed the arrogance that seems to have defined his administration thus far.


NOT and Suttle fan said...

Or, maybe the organizers should have known that if you invite the Mayor, he or she will expect the speak. Therefore, you add a couple of minutes to the agenda for them to speak.

Anonymous said...

You're surprised?????????? Just another day for him. Is Hal available???