Friday, October 23, 2009

We Can Run Your Health Care But We Can't Handle a Home Buyer's Program

It's amazing that the government of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama thinks it can control 17% of the private sector economy by adding it's expertise to control costs and fraud. Yet, it seems that it can't even begin to manage 'cash for clunkers' and now we find out that the $8,000 first time home buyers program is completely out of control.

In an article today in the Washington Post, 'Costly fraud and error reported in home buyers' tax program,' we're told, among other things that:

"The report found that more than 19,300 people claimed a total of $139 million on their 2008 tax returns before purchasing a home even though the law requires the purchase to take place first, J. Russell George, the inspector general, told a House Ways and Means subcommittee.

Nearly 74,000 buyers -- including some IRS employees -- claimed a total of $500 million in tax credits despite indications that they may have owned a home before, George said. The law bans people from getting this credit if they have owned a home in the previous three years.
Even children claimed the tax credit, said George, adding that 580 taxpayers under age 18 -- including some 4-year-olds -- claimed $4 million, presumably so their parents could dodge the income limitations imposed by the program"

Evidence such as this should certainly make the American public confident that the government take over of health care will be good for them?

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Tim said...

Please get all the facts straight. The law bans people from getting this credit if they have owned a "PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE" home in the previous three years. Geez ignorance is everywhere now days.