Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Way it Is or Was

A good column Monday by Cal Thomas, 'The Way it Is'. Among other things, Thomas notes:

"Washington's attitude toward those who make right decisions for themselves so as not to become a burden to government seems to be, "Good for you, but because you made all those right decisions ('right' being a relative term, so the government will say they were right FOR YOU), we will penalize your decisions and your success and take the money you earned and give it to others who didn't earn it because we want their votes so we can preserve our political careers."

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Anonymous said...

The best and newest example of that is the plan underway in the Senate to tax anyone with great insurance (valued at $8000 a year) 40% of the cost of said insurance.

One has to guess that if someone is shelling out that kind of cash, they either have a preexisting, are on COBRA, or have a horribly sad family experience where the lack of insurance resulted in a bad outcome for someone they loved.

Anyway you look at it, it is punishing a person for being responsible. We should just start paying people for preventable mistakes and fining people for every day that passes that they don't get caught in a bad choice.