Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Steve Lathrop a Target of the Nebraska GOP

Talking about State Senators (see below), the Nebraska Republican Party put out a door-hanger
piece in Legislative District 12 about "State Senator Steve Lathrop and His Spending." Looks like the NE GOP is going after Lathrop. Apparently, they have a stealth candidate that will soon be complicating Lathrop's run for re-election and this time, unlike his first run, he won't be able to claim that he's really a conservative. Here's what it said:

State Senator Steve Lathrop = More Government Spending

While Nebraska families are struggling in these difficult economic times, what was Steve Lathrop's solution?


In the midst of one of the greatest economic crises since the Great Depression, what was Steve Lathrop fighting for?

Nearly $100 MILLION in additional government spending.

Next time you see State Senator Steve Lathrop, tell him his out of control spending hurts Nebraska.

Don't you think you deserve better from your Senator?

Paid for by the Nebraska Republican Party, 1610 N Street, Lincoln, NE 68508, http://www.negop.org/

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Anonymous said...

We should all pray that Steve lathrop and Tom White go back to "attorneying" full time-very soon.

As for Rogert? I am not sure what it is he should go back to fulltime. It obviously isn't boat selling, he sucks at that!