Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State Senator Kent Rogert, A Tax-Cheat?

We do read other blogs and occasionally we find an item of interest. One that came to us recently is Joe Jordan's Nebraska Watchdog piece on State Senator Kent Rogert of Tekamah, Nebraska. Seems that the state senator lied, yes lied, about being a boat dealer when he purchased a $40,000 boat back in 2002 and avoided sales tax on the boat by saying he was a dealer. Of course, our boat dealer state senator has continued to register his boat in different counties since as he apparently continues to try to sell his pleasure craft which he apparently forces himself to use weekly during the summer, no doubt to keep the battery charged.

Rogert is just another scumbag politician who apparently wants to pass laws that affect you while he doesn't believe in following the ones on the book.

The legislature and Nebraska's Attorney General Jon Bruning should be looking into this. And Joe Jordan gets our congrats for exposing Rogert.

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