Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rogert's Boat Business or How to Avoid Taxes

Yesterday, we wrote about Nebraska State Senator Kent Rogert's 'boat business.' Anyone who believes the fabricated tale of Rogert on his failure to pay sales tax on a boat he has owned 'as a dealer' for six years and as a 'dealer' been unable to sell must believe in the tooth fairy.

Clearly, Rogert who has been enjoying the use of the boat for these last six years simply got the 'dealer' registration to avoid paying sales tax on his purchase. If he wanted to sell it he would have had plenty of time to do so during 'good times.' He didn't. And what kind of dealer holds on to a depreciating asset for six years, using it and waiting for the market to improve?

Rogert has provided a number of mixed and ambiguous answers to reporters including Joe Jordan and those from the Omaha and Lincoln papers. He says he's sold less than 10 boats since getting his dealer registration and that he didn't make enough to report on his Accountability and Disclosure forms. We wonder if he ever reported any sales on his Federal or State Income Tax? We certainly hope that the state and federal revenue authorities are looking into this since we smell not only sales tax evasion but also income tax evasion.

Rogert seems to be taking his tax evasion cues from U.S. House Ways and Means Chairman Rangel, a big-time tax evader.

We sure hope that the tax authorities, state and federal, the county treasurers of Burt and Douglas County, the legislature and the Attorney General and the State Patrol look into Senator Rogert's tax-evading boat business.


Anonymous said...

What a cheat! Is the boat on his disclosure? I thought only vehicles and personal residences were exempt? If this boat is owned by his boat selling business, is it listed as an asset there so that if he were to get into an accident a person could locate all his assets for recovery?

He should talk to his buddies Tom White and Steve Lathrop, I am sure they would put their lawyering skills together to help him get out of this pickle.

One Out In The Third said...

Then there is that allegation that he skipped from county to county to license his "pride and joy" each year. How do you do that? I guess he might have figured if he went back to the same Courthouse more than once a flag or two might have gone up.

The allegation may be incorrect...but it seems to me playing "Musical Courthouses" displays some sort of intent. Then again maybe he moves a lot...after all he is a realtor/boat "dabbler." Is a "dabbler" a rank in the Pirates Chain of Command?"

Needless to say...Bruning better get his nose into this.