Friday, October 23, 2009

The Nebraska Treasurer's Race

Seems just about everyone wants to be Nebraska's next State Treasurer since Shane Osborn isn't running. We have Don Stenberg, former Attorney General, and about five current state senators who are desirous of trading in their $12,000 a year jobs for the $85,000 position. Most active of the latter is Tony Fulton who is just about ubiquitous. Now we hear that former Colonel and Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol is in the race.

Nesbitt is little more than former Governor and current Senator Johanns fair-haired buddy whom Johanns appointed from the ranks of the patrol. Since Governor Heineman promptly disposed of the guy he has been invisible, at least in Republican ranks from which he will have to draw his support. This guy might consider moving to some small county and running for sheriff if he wants to start a political career. He has no chance of winning this position. He has less Republican credentials than most of those non-partisan state legislators he will be running against.

Having noted the above, the outcome of this race is pretty clear. Don Stenberg, whom voters have voted for many many times in former races for Attorney General and the U.S. Senate, wins the nomination in a crowded field of folks that virtually have only 'district' appeal and name recognition. And every new Republican candidate in the race only increases Don's margin of victory.

Don will stay away from a formal announcement for a while waiting for the 'also runs' to get in. This will assure his victory while the others work through their spring 60 day session in the legislature through April 30th (excepting Nesbitt), allowing Don to campaign at his convenience and get through the primary with little need for huge fund raising.

In the meantime, Democrat Chairman Covalt will try to find someone that is capable of even getting a small percent of the general election vote against Don. That is if he can find anyone of substance to run against the governor before next July's Democrat State Party Convention. We still think Scott Kleeb is the answer to all of Covalt's problems......

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Anonymous said...

Don't count out Sen. Fulton. He has been out and about and is getting attention outside of Lancaster County.