Monday, October 19, 2009

Scrutinizing Political Groups and the Local Paper

In case you missed it yesterday, there was a front page above-the-fold article in the Midlands section of the Douglas Street Rag, 'Election-turnout ideas get yay, nay votes.'

Essentially it discussed the ideas of several 'non-partisan' (liberal Democrat) Nebraska legislators on the idea of election-day registration. The article also referred to a group identified as Nebraskans for Civic Reform and its director Adam Morfeld, promoters of this idea (as well as other liberal/Democrat election initiatives).

Not unusual for the sterling reporters of the Douglas Street Rag, there is no identification of the motivation of those behind the group, thus lending credibility to it because of its name. A google search of the group reveals that it is basically a Nebraska School of Law group of Democrats.

Morfeld has been involved with an on-campus group of Democrat law students and has been an intern for Ben Nelson.

The organization's so-called Legislative Director, David Solheim is a law student at the Nebraska College of Law who opines that, "The small things are important. Process matters. We learned in 2000 that just a handful of heavily contested votes in a few precincts in Florida had the ability to determine the course of our nation for the next eight years."

Katie Kidwell the so-called Field Director for Nebraskans for Civic Reform is a student of history and English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who opines that, “2008 was an exhilarating year for politics. With high voter turnout and a split electoral vote, Nebraska experienced this energy. As part of Nebraskans for Civic Reform, I hope to continue the enthusiasm sparked during election season by working to maintain Nebraska’s split electoral vote and legislate Election Day Registration, among other initiatives."

Linsey Marshall the so-called Communications Director for Nebraskans for Civic Reform is a law student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln also. She opines that, "There has never been a better time to become involved with politics in Nebraska. With the recent election splitting Nebraska’s electoral votes for the first time in history and generating an impressive voter turnout, people across the nation are watching our legislature to see how it will react. Nebraskans for Civic Reform is dedicated to preserving Nebraska's unique role in the Electoral College, and I am proud to be a part of this forward-thinking organization."

What's the point here? Simply, anyone can form a group (not even recognized by or filed with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission) to enhance their resumes and promote their liberal beliefs without any scrutiny by the local newspapers. And yet, based on their less than significant resumes they appear to have credibility based on their organization's name.

Maybe some college Republicans can for a group, Nebraskans for Civic Responsibility or something similar, which would support responsibility in registering to vote in a timely fashion and which would support the return of the 'winner-takes-all' method of allocating electoral votes used by 48 other states. In so doing they could enhance their resumes with fancy titles and perhaps even go unscrutinized by the Douglas Street Rag.......


Anonymous said...

How about Election Day voting under these conditions. you must have a State issued, hard card, identification card. You must be voting in the Precinct the address on the card identifies your residence as AND, if your name is voted twice anywhere, your vote(s) get thrown out?

Require auto recounts of any number if any case of voter fraud is found within 30 days of an election.

Anonymous said...

They did file with the NADC... this can be found by a simple google search: