Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fahey Street A Bad Idea - Patrick McPherson

Believe it or not there is an effort afoot to name a portion of Webster Street between the Qwest Center and Creighton University after former Mayor Fahey. The effort is being promoted by Father Schlegel of Creighton University and Jim Young of the Union Pacific and likely will be introduced as a resolution before the Omaha City Council next week with a public hearing the following week.

  • Because Mike Fahey has been out of office barely 100 days.

  • Naming any kind of public street or building after a living individual is fraught with all kinds of potential unintended consequences

  • Mike Fahey continues to be involved in city politics just as Hal Daub, P. J. Morgan and other former mayors

  • Mike Fahey is a Democrat operative

  • Mike Fahey is still a potential candidate for state or local office in the future

  • What makes Mike Fahey's contributions more deserving of such recognition than that of other former mayors?

Having noted the above, this is a bad idea, but even worse it is clearly one that makes no sense. Why would you name a street after Fahey? If you do so, why wouldn't you name the Qwest Center after Hal Daub? Why not the West Dodge Expressway which Daub supported and Fahey opposed?

I'd be delighted to see Hal Daub recognized for the significant improvements he brought to the City of Omaha. I also recognize that Mike Fahey had his accomplishments. But starting the process of naming anything after recent mayors is just bad policy that simply can't be justified unless you recognize the accomplishments of all former mayors who have had a significant impact on our city.


Anonymous said...

Wanted you to know - this will come to Council as an ordinance - not a resolution. It is a permanent street name change.Perhaps a better name to honor Fahey would be "Debt Street" - or better yet, how about making Fahey Street a toll road?

Anonymous said...

While we are at it, let's rename 10th Street for Hal Daub since he brought the Qwest Center to downtown and since there wouldn't even be a CWS stadium going up in this area if had not been for Hal.

Anonymous said...

I have a better plan, two streets for two great mayors. We kill them with kindness and put Hal on the ordinance too with the help of Fr. schlegel, Sokol, and Gail Werner. It's like a poisin pill!!

Anonymous said...

How about we don't start this process unless we are willing to permanently rename the entire length of the street after said person?

How about we start by permanently renaming-with green signs, all streets that soldiers grew up on.

This is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

When I think of Mike Fahey, I don't think of the College World Series. I think of pension spiking, higher wages for OFD, putting his friend in as OFD Chief and changing the rules for that to happen. And I'm still not convinced that the new Ball Park won't come back to get us in higher taxes. Say "no" to this idea.