Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are Lee Terry's Chances For Re-election Improving?

Stuart Rothenberg generally has a good handle on electoral prospects and at this point he is thinking 2010 will be a difficult time for Democrats. In his column, 'Landscape Shift Means Trouble for House Democrats' Rothenberg suggests, "But even if the news is more upbeat for Democrats a year from now, the new political landscape is bad news for the dozen or so House Democrats at greatest risk."

On the other hand he has something that Congressman Lee Terry might regard as positive: "Of course, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has made a significant recruiting effort to put additional Republican-held seats into play by recruiting challengers to Reps. Charlie Dent (Pa.), Patrick Tiberi (Ohio), Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Lee Terry (Neb.) and, yet again, Michele Bachmann (Minn.). But the overall direction of the cycle makes it much more difficult for those Democratic challengers than it would have been in 2006 or 2008."

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Anonymous said...

I hope Tom White rethinks his candidacy. It would be a shame to lose someone so committed to lower taxes and personal responsibility in the Legislature.

I have to go now, I have meds I need to take before they put that pretty white coat on me again.