Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hagel - Food Poisoning Twice in One Week

We had hoped our words about failed former U.S. Senator Chuckie Hagel last week would be the last for a while. Talking about him twice in one week is kind of like having the worst affects of food poisoning twice in a week. Oh, well.

Seems Chuckie may be disparaging Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's war, you know Afghanistan. While Chuckie may be right about the the ungovernability of this warlord controlled country, it sure won't do his future in Comrade Commissar's government much good, which frankly is all the better for the Comrade.

We bring up this unpleasant topic only because Nebraska's 'has-been', failed former senator returned Sunday morning to the talk show circuit. Hopefully, television news won't develop a recurrence of food poison for weeks to come.

See more about Chuckie and what he had to say, if your stomach can handle it, at:

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One Out In The Third said...

Must be an election cycle coming up? Do you suppose he will be coming back to his "roots" to run against ol' Earmark?