Monday, August 31, 2009

Tom White Writing for Dollars

Today we got an e-mail from Tom White tauting his e-mail of support from Bob Kerrey (see our Friday blog) and asking for money. Not any doubt White is Lee Terry's opponent come next November. Here's what Tommy had to say:

I hope you had a chance to read the email Bob Kerrey sent on Friday. If not, please check it out below.

Senator Kerrey knows what it takes to run winning campaigns in Nebraska, and he’s right that raising $10,000 by the end of this week will make a strong statement.
But it’s not just the dollar amount that’s important – it’s the number of donors that shows the depth of grassroots support. That’s why I hope you’ll contribute at least $25 online right now:

We're one month away from our first financial filing deadline, and the pundits and both national parties are paying close attention. They’re not just looking for total dollars raised, but how many individuals invested – a sign of the strength of a campaign’s grassroots support.

I need your help to show that our grassroots are growing strong. Please contribute at least $25 online right now:

Thanks for all you do,

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Ojne Out In The Third said...

Bob who? 10K is a drop in the bucket this day and means nothing...just tap the resources of a couple of unions and the money is in the kitty.