Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Terry and His Challenger

There's an article in Congressional Quarterly today about Second District Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry and his primary challenger on the right, "Nebraska Rep. Terry Defending Right Flank Too".

Some of us at the Objective Conservative have had some contact with Matt Sakalosky. He's a nice young man with good motives no doubt, but he's not ready to be a U.S. Congressman. His constituency consists largely of 9/12ers which have laudable motives but which are equally naive in their understanding of the political process.

Even in challenges supported by groups like Club for Growth where a 'conservative' comes along and gets its support either the challenger still loses the primary or in cases where he wins he
ends up losing the seat for the Republicans.

Sakalosky will end up as an underfunded, unknown candidate who will leave most Republicans with the notion that he is a fringe candidate. He will represent a chigger bite on Terry's thigh and worse for Matt, he will have abdicated what might have been some promising political future by challenging a guy that many Second District Republicans, Independents and even Democrats like and respect.

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Anonymous said...

Congressman Terry was outstanding in his town hall meeting last evening at Millard North High. Displaying a remarkable grasp of the issues, being totally in command at all times with the relatively few emotional questioners, he exhibited the qualitites of even-handedness, complete grasp of the issues, a respect for points of view not in accordance with his own while adhering to his base conservative principles that make him an out-standing representative for this
2nd Congressional District. Losing a congressman because of potential divisions within the Republican Party at this point in time would be disastrous. The Congressman is a seasoned, extremely capable individual, with the "RIGHT" princples!