Monday, August 24, 2009

Progressive Democrat Blog Attacking Johanns, Giving Hiding Space to Nelson

There's a blog called the "New Nebraska Network" (See links) which is an arm of the Nebraska Democratic Party, probably run by the wife of that former Nebraska political powerhouse Scott Kleeb who showed such awesome performances in his attempts to run for the congress and the senate (we're hoping he goes for the trifecta by running for governor). In any event, today they opined of Senator Johanns that , 'Johanns is being disgustingly disingenuous throughout this whole statement' in his comments about Comrade Commissar Obama's plan to provide abortion through his nationalized health care takeover.

This 'progressive' blog is spreading it's misinformation about Johanns and about the health care take over while in the same breath trying to give Senator Nelson hiding space to support the plan.

Beware, pro-lifers. The Democrats are sending this misinformation to thousands across the state.

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Anonymous said...

According to Lee Terry last night, the Commishioner of Health Care will get to decide which plan (in the House version) will be mandated to cover abortion services.

Oh goody, another non elected, non confirmed, Presidential Appointee in charge of my life!