Thursday, August 20, 2009

City Council and Mayor May End Up in Fisticuffs Yet

For you regular readers you'll recall that we started our Suttle Countdown to Recall calendar and named him to our August Objective Hall of Fame last week (see: Suttle Watch Established and Suttle Nominated to Hall of Shame )after he threatened to raise Omaha city property taxes by fiat without the approval of the city council as has been the case for the last 50 some years (see: Recall Suttle - Perhaps it's Time -- Patrick McPherson ). Subsequent to that we thought he got some sense as he indicated that he was looking forward to working with the council and wouldn't raise taxes by himself (see: Suttle in Retreat? ). Yesterday, when we published Jim Vokal's commentary on the issue (Good Government Would Allow the City Council to Approve or Not Approve the Tax Increase - Jim Vokal, Chairman Omaha Moving Ahead PAC ) we thought that perhaps the Mayor's threat had already become another one of his vise-versa decisions.

Now we hear from our sources that Mayor Suttle is back in his Jekyll and Hyde mode, not threatening once again to raise taxes by falling back on a questionable and pretty liberally interpreted opinion by his city attorney.

The mayor should be very careful. If he actually tries to do this, he is likely to find that the city council has its own ways to fight back and things may not be very pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Do we detect the same authoritarian, public be damned, we know what's best for you peasants attitude coming from the Suttle Adminstration that is so obviosly prevalent in the White House these days? We'll just obfuscate the issues enough so that the often feckless press can't really define any given stand on an issue, and ramrod our programs through any way that we possibly can! Perhaps, in Omaha, however, as mentioned, there will be enough council members with the integrity and fortitude to reign in this cavalier, elitist, not to mention dangerous approach!!!!