Friday, August 28, 2009

Charles Krauthammer is Wrong

Charles Krauthammer has an interesting column today, 'Obamacare: The Only Exit Strategy." He suggests that all current 'plans' be abandoned and that a new version be passed requiring all individuals to have health insurance with insurance companies required to insure all regardless of pre-existing health conditions. Sadly, he concludes that the financial and budgetary costs will be catastrophic and in the end the liberals will get rationing anyway.

We're not sure that Charles writes tongue-in-cheek or seriously. Regardless, he fails to provide real solutions. We simply say throw the whole thing out and let Americans continue to control 17% of the economy while doing real things like allowing folks to buy health care across state lines, allowing businesses to form buying co-ops across state lines and enacting tort reform.

If you want to read Krauthammer's column you can check it out at:


Anonymous said...

The brilliant Mr. Krauthammer is often a little too clever by half for we mere mortals (occasionally intellectually challenged)! However, in this case, he is apparently being primarily "tongue-in-cheek" in showing what the Dems strategy might be in attempting a Trojan Horse plan for bringing national health insurance to fruition. It will be necessary to be constantly vigilant in suppressing the Dems / Obama's single-minded trek toward an eventual single payer, government managed national health system.

One Out In the Third said...

Let's fix it up to low income wage earners...all in the program will apply a percentage of their income...say 5 percent...toward their health plan. While not enough to cover health care costs...the meager fee would be better than nothing. Prove that it works...then go from there.