Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why We Need the Government to Manage Our Health Care

If you want to know what to expect from the federal government as they manage your automobile companies, your banks, your insurance companies and MAYBE EVEN YOUR HEALTH CARE, you might want to consider the stunning management accomplishments of Social Security, Medicare and, of course, your POST OFFICE which we are told in today's Washington Post that:

Confronting a sharp decline in mail volume tied to the recession and the continuing migration to e-mail and online payment options, the Postal Service projects a net loss of $7 billion this fiscal year and debt exceeding $10 billion, leading to a cash shortfall of about $1 billion. Losses are expected next year as well.

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Anonymous said...

My NetFlix disks seem to go out and come back pretty fast, so the USPS is okay with me. More to the point, my folks are happy with their Medicare, which is a lot more relevant to "can the government manage our Health Care" than a post office comparison.

BTW, your spelling error about borders/boarders still amuses me.