Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We told you so - Mayor Suttle's Budget

If you read our friends at the Leavenworth Blog today they are saying that the mayor will recommend a 2.4 mill increase and a 2% entertainment tax when he delivers his budget to the Omaha City Council today. We shared this information with you two weeks ago so some times it pays to read us, as well as other local blogs, if you want to know what's going to happen.

With that said, we'll have more to say on the mayor's proposals later but we will go so far as to say that an entertainment tax is dead on arrival. You may recall the angst and outcries when former Mayor Fahey suggested same to help finance the CWS stadium a couple of years back.

Voting for an entertainment tax will be a key to no re-election if not recall. If the mayor succeeds in finding the votes to pass an entertainment tax, there will be more than one recall petition circulating this coming December and you can bet there will be plenty of petitions available at the front door of every restaurant and movie theater in Omaha.

Our bet is tax increases are dead on arrival and Mayor Suttle will spend lots of time in the next few weeks finding ways to cut spending. Also, one can hardly expect any union supported tax freezes given the mayor's huge salary increases in his own office budget.....

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Anonymous said...

Let's legalize gambling! That way Suttle can tax the gambler, the drinker, the diner, and even me as I sit in my very own home being entertained by the stupidity of gamblers.

Gotta go, I need to go by curtains for all my windows so Suttle's Enforcer, Matt Samp, can't see my son's and be entertained!