Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nebraska's Two Senators Acting like Politicians

It would be nice to hear a yes or a no from either of our two senators. Ben, in his typical fashion, couldn't refuse a trip to the White House to let Commissar Barack Hussein Obama try to cajole him into supporting his plan to nationalize our health care. But then Bennine never misses the opportunity to go to the White House. We guess that makes him think that we Nebraskans think he is important that way. He'd be important if he just said , "No!"

As for Senator Johanns, seems like he would rather be a follower than a leader when it comes to soon-to-be Associate Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. He likes her but doesn't. If Mike Johanns ever intends to be more than a back bencher he needs to step up to the plate and simply take leadership among the GOP and say, "Hell no! She isn't fit to be our next Associate Supreme Court Justice."


One Out In The Third said...

Johanns needs to realize two things...he was the only obvious choice in the last election and that we are paying his wages. It seems he has become the invisible man.

Got in on an informative conference call from Newt Gingrich yesterday re: Union Secret balloting. Newt is reaching out to Nebraskans more than Johanns.

It's just a matter of the next election before Ben goes...that is if the NRP can get off their butts and start talking issues and provide a real candidate with a brain that can leave there ego at home.

Anonymous said...

Ego is where you will have trouble. If we want someone good, then they will have a proven track record either in business, elected office, or both.

That kind of success always comes with an ego. What I would like is someone with an actual personality :)