Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fire Department Over-Response

Under 'Embarrassing Day for Omaha' we noted the issue of the thugs from the fire department and fire union attempting to maintain the status quo of maintaining staffing levels via city statute rather than by negotiation and sensible and responsible management decisions. Their union leader thug was actually ejected from the council chambers because of his decision to take on Councilman Gray after public input was closed. Apparently neither he nor the council president understood rules of order for conducting a council meeting since it was Council Clerk Buster Brown who had to take charge by signalling the security staff to remove the thug.

Keeping the threats and paranoia of the 'fire leadership' in mind, we thought it was interesting that these folks who are so worried about being understaffed (apparently, the fact that they 'own' several council men's votes isn't enough power) somehow found it necessary to send seven, yes seven, firetrucks to a call last week where there was a smoking light fixture at a commercial building. Sounds like we ought to be worried about overkill rather than folks losing their lives. If they are going to do that maybe we should go back to three men on a rig or at least close down some fire stations.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything in the city statues regarding staffing for "grocery runs" when fire trucks / rescue squad vehicles are used to run to the neighborhood groceries to stock up for the firehouse galley? How often do they make those runs? How much diesel gas is consumed for those runs? How many times have I seen a fire department vehicle blocking access to the front door of a grocery, wondering if there was an emergency, and find firemen scurrying through the aisles filling their carts? Just wondering!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are very petty! And, they are called ordinances, not "statues"!

Seriously, would you rather they all brought sack lunches and juice pouches? Or, maybe the firehouses should negotiate for a full service staff to cook and clean for them since they are not permitted to leave their duties while on duty for 24 to 48 hour shifts.

BTW, have you ever seen a fireman "clock out" for a cigarette break while fighting a fire? Have you ever seen them prop up the hose, aiming it at a burning building so they could grab breakfast or lunch?

Here's one for you, do you think they get to skip lunch and run to their kids school program in the middle of the work day?

Think before you speak, it will save us all some time.

Minimum manning is the issue, not whether firefighters are permitted to buy groceries when they are not in the middle of an emergency.

Anonymous said...

Ayn, Has taxation ever led to prosperity?? The answer is obviously NO! Look at England and France. They have high taxes and high unemployment. Jobs moved to Ireland, East Europe.

We are going down a path that will not lead to prosperity. We are going down a path that will lead to higher crime, higher unemployment and higher dropout rates.

Ask yourself this. Does increase all departments salary levels, but cutting community funding help or hurt?? Mr. Suttle's ad says, "keep property taxes low," yet he offers a property tax increase and if you do the math a 6 cent tax will be included in 2011's budget also. So, your property tax will go up 8 cents per $100.

He says, "keep kids off the streets." Yet, he cuts the Sun Dawgs program and shuts down the pools early just to save $75,000. He could have frozen salaries on his directors at 2009 budget levels and saved more.

Jim Suttle is nothing more than a liar. Stop being willing to be sheep and just take a tax increase. All that does is lead to more spending and the californication of Omaha.

Tim said...

Please remove the "Police Union" from this essay. I'm sure you meant to write "Fire Union," instead.

Anonymous said...

You all need a lesson on how to spell. It is "statutes," not "statues."