Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Embarassing Day for Omaha

We were at the Omaha City Council Meeting yesterday and between Mayor Suttle's eloquent presentation of a tax heavy uninspired budget and the attempt by the 'thugs' from the fire union and fire department leadership to destroy Councilman Grey, we were embarrassed and dismayed.

We'll have more to say on this in coming days but let us say this-"Any councilman that votes for an entertainment tax will find his/her name on a recall petition come December 9, 2009." Those petitions will be at the front door of every restaurant and movie theater and concert event in Omaha. Mayor Suttle's uninspired budget is a sham and we personally think that it an attempt to make the council the bad guys if they turn down his tax increases by cutting city services and personnel. Mayor Suttle, the voters will accept cuts, not your tax increases.

On the issue of Ben Grey's attempt to remove language from the statutes of the city mandating various items that should be determined by collective bargaining, one could see the council members squirming as the thugs from the fire department and fire union (about 20 of them, most dressed in their formal blue suits) showed up to say that the item was an attempt to go back to 3 men rather than 4 man rigs. What Grey was attempting to do was remove mandates that declared how many chiefs, battalion chiefs, assistant battalion chiefs, assistant assistant battalion chiefs, ad nausem are require to manage areas like the arson division, the fire prevention division, etc., exist in statute. Perhaps that might the fair-haired Fire Chief Mike McDonnell make some tough decisions about staffing so he can keep four men on a truck. But rest assured, McDonnell is no more than a fox in the hen house, having been the union leader when the statutes were placed in Omaha law in 2000. Whenever you have a department manager and the union chief speaking with the same voice you need to worry and that is the case here.

Sadly, the fire union thugs will prevail and only Councilmen Grey and Thompson will vote for the ordinance change while the rest of the union owned council members acquiesce to the powerful threats of the thugs.....


Ayn said...

You are so right about the tax increases! I could not fathom paying $10.89 instead of $10.69 on a $9.99 burger! It's an outrage, a travesty! When my wife and I go out to eat, it will completely break us to pay $32.70 instead of $32.10 on a $30 meal! Outrage! Travesty! I want the city to go bankrupt, eliminate essential services, demolish libraries, fill cement in city pools, and bulldoze parks before I have to pay another $0.60 when I go out to eat! Likewise on the property tax increase on our $150,000 home--There is absolutely no way we could afford to pay another $36 a year to ensure that our city doesn't collapse in the long term! Recall everyone regardless of what they try to do and let the city crumble for all I care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ayn, for adding some levity to what is an incredibly serious matter! You folk who blindly accept any and all tax increases under any and all circum-stances are amazing! Welcome to the "Californication" of America and Omaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ayn, Has taxation ever led to prosperity?? The answer is obviously NO! Look at England and France. They have high taxes and high unemployment. Jobs moved to Ireland, East Europe.

We are going down a path that will not lead to prosperity. We are going down a path that will lead to higher crime, higher unemployment and higher dropout rates.

Ask yourself this. Does increase all departments salary levels, but cutting community funding help or hurt?? Mr. Suttle's ad says, "keep property taxes low," yet he offers a property tax increase and if you do the math a 6 cent tax will be included in 2011's budget also. So, your property tax will go up 8 cents per $100.

He says, "keep kids off the streets." Yet, he cuts the Sun Dawgs program and shuts down the pools early just to save $75,000. He could have frozen salaries on his directors at 2009 budget levels and saved more.

Jim Suttle is nothing more than a liar. Stop being willing to be sheep and just take a tax increase. All that does is lead to more spending and the californication of Omaha.