Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will He Crumble or Will He Dance?

Seems that U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (NE) is the focus of lots of attention as President Barack Hussein Obama moves to afflict Americans with national health care. Bennie is apparently doing his normal dance when it comes to controversial issues where his constituents feel one way and the president feels another.

Apparently, Senator Bennie isn't totally on board which isn't surprising given his debt to the insurance industry that helps elect him and the sentiment of most rational thinking Nebraskans who help elect him. and others are running cable and internet commercials trying to prod Ben to get religion and sign on.

If you remember the last many years, Ben often got a 'free trip' to the White House where after 'personal time' with the CEO he got religion and voted the right way. Will that happen this time? You can bet he will get the invitation to the dance. The question is will he crumble?

We are no great fans of Nelson but we hope he holds his ground and votes against this additional take over of our economy and our lives. Barack Hussein Obama and associates have given us enough of that already. Should he stand tall we might actually make him our Objective Hero Nominee of the Month.

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One Out In The Third said...

The question I present to "Ol' Earmark" is does he believe it doesn't matter anymore? Has Barack and his minions turned our nation upside down to where we will never recover? I think the puppet strings are firmly attached.