Saturday, June 20, 2009

John Ensign Should Resign

John Ensign (See Republican Culture of Corruption below) should resign. The embarrassment over his affair with a former staffer just gets uglier and uglier. If Republicans want to be the party of values it's time that they act that way. Ensign's behavior is reprehensible, particularly for an elected official and his disclosure of his affair makes any Republican that talks about the 'family values' his party advocates look like a hypocrite.

For and update on this you can read:

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Anonymous said...

Next on your "scandal list" should be sexy Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) of Playboy fundraiser fame. The Dems and media have been sitting on her adultery for a long time. She's doing the same thing and worse than Ensign, but I guess she gets a pass because she's a woman and a DEM? Liberals are the hypocrites. They say that the "private lives" of politicians should be left alone. But whenever a Republican leader gets caught with his zipper down, they pile on with glee. Thoughts anyone? Google loretta sanchez scandal. See--