Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harvey Perlman - BCS Football

Obviously, the 'Peter Principle' continues to work for Harvey Perlman who has been enthroned with the title of President of the BCS Oversight Committee. Yes here is a guy that brought the Nebraska football program to shambles as he executed his vision for it by hiring Pederson and Callahan.

Now we see he has been chosen to lead the BCS Oversight Committee. May the football gods protect us from this arrogant incompetent who should have been fired years ago.


Anonymous said...

He might "drop by" the BCS office now and then like he merely "dropped by" the athletic department when Smiley Pete was in charge. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Thinking "outside of the box" marketing appears to be Chancellor Harvey's specialty! Think the brilliance of bringing Tommy Lee to campus! Think endorsing Smiley Pete's proposal to dump boring Frankie for the heart thumping excitement of Billy C & the WCO, i.e. It's not whether you win or lose - it's how many total points can be scored - by either team!!! Of course, we have yet to determine if turning the State Fairgrounds into a technology park, etc., will be a stroke of genius or a university inspired boondoggle! Whatever the case, perhaps Harvey will bring that same marketing "brilliance"(?) to the BCS!