Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Potential GOP Potus falls.

Last week, it was Senator John Ensign who appeared to be thinking about a run for the presidency who ended that hope with the revelation of an ugly affair. This week, Governor Mark Sanford, a favorite potential GOP presidential candidate, whose aspirations seem to have become markedly diminished because of his really weird/stupid behaviour.

After the press began wondering where the South Carolina governor had disappeared to they were told by Sanford's staff that he was hiking to clear his mind. On Father's Day weekend his wife admitted that she hadn't heard from him in several days. Turns out we now find he took a 'head-clearing' jaunt to Argentina.

Now what kind of governor or potential president could be dumb enough to leave his state without letting anyone know where he was or how to contact him? Does that sound like responsible behavior? Under most circumstances the Lt. Governor of the state would have been alerted and folks would have known where to go in the event of an emergency, but Sanford apparently didn't worry about that.

For his irresponsible 'head-clearing' trip we'd suggest that Governor Sanford has just ended any hope of a realistic run for the White House.


One Out In The Third said...

What do you think the chances are Gov. Heineman would do this for us? He and the Unicameral could both take a hike.

Anonymous said...

Cynical, Cyncial - OOitT!!!

Sanford's story turns out to be even more bizarre than one could possibly have imagined! Sanford;
Ensign; Spitzer; Edwards; etc., etc.! This is a disease of arrogance and ego that afflicts those in high political office and/or positions of power! With some it's sex, with some it's a fanatical attempt to change the world, imposing a self-directed revolution on an (partially) unsuspecting populace(i.e. the incumbent President!). The old adage is that power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely! We're witnessing the certainty of that adage!