Saturday, June 27, 2009

The American Clean Energy and Security Act

With a name like the above how could anyone oppose it? Apparently, that is what 211 Democrats and 8 Republicans thought as they passed the Barack Hussein Obama-Nancy Pelosi version of cap and trade. Hopefully, this will never see the desk of the president.

Yesterday we asked why Jeff Fortenberry might be on some lists of undecideds. Fortunately, Fortenberry, Lee Terry and Adrian Smith voted against this unfortunate and expensive solution that seeks a problem to solve. We're glad and we thank them.

We liked one of the quotes Congressman Terry gave us in a missive we received from him yesterday: "The basic message of Cap and Tax bill is that "you can still emit CO2 as long as long as you pay the government for this privilege." This would be called extortion under other circumstances. Tony Soprano would be proud."

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One Out In The Third said...

Hooray for Congressman Terry. What he failed to mention is that it is the little guy that is going to have to pony up the extortion money.

When the entire world...including that poor developing nation of China...gets on board then we can talk.