Friday, May 15, 2009

Rebuilding the GOP - What Unites Us

With the R.I.P. (rest in peace) diatribes being written about the Republican Party, we think it's time that we C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-V-E-S star working on a list of things that OUR party stands for and we will establish a list and update it as we discuss very issues and receive your input. We believe that in so doing we can establish a simple list that appeals not only to C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-V-E-S, but also to a majority of the American electorate.

With that said, here is a pretty simple thing we can stand for, English as our national language. What conservative doesn't stand for that? In fact, according to today's Rasmussen Report, more than 76% of Democrats believe this too. Check it out at:

So, today under Rebuilding The GOP, we add English as our National Language.

Please feel free to send us your ideas.--Posted By Objective Conservative to Objective Conservative at 5/15/2009 08:02:00 AM

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Anonymous said...

These are two issues that definitely draw a contrast with the left wing. We are Pro Life and English should be the language of the land. Enough already with ballots being printed in different languages. Enough with highway signs in a different language. Is the left so stupid as to not realize that all international contracts are written in English. It's a proven fact, look it up! There are more issues that unite us. Lower taxes, a strong national defense, and personal responsibility. Our problem is that we, collectively, do not see this as war with the left. We don't but they do. They stick together no matter what. We fracture far too much, i.e. Colon Powell endorsing B. Hussein Obama. Spector, Snow, & Collins voting with B. Hussein Obama on the Stimulus package. Embarrassing!