Friday, May 22, 2009

Lee Terry has got it wrong

We are told by the Nebraska Republican Party that:

Yesterday, Congressman Lee Terry introduced the Teachers at the Table Act of 2009, a bill which creates a volunteer teacher advisory committee composed of current or former Teachers of the Year to advise Congress on the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act. These members will be appointed by the Secretary of Education and leaders in the House and Senate.

“Since enactment of the national education program ‘No Child Left Behind’ many questions and concerns have come up about the effectiveness of the legislation,” said Congressman Terry. “This proposal will increase understanding and conversation between Congress and our nation’s very best educators to reach the mutual goal of achieving greater accountability and success in educating our children.”

We think Congressman Terry simply misses the boat. No Child Left Behind should be left behind. Period. There is no proof that No Child Left Behind has done anything to improve education in our country other than create more government control over a failed education system and more bureaucracy and paper work. The Heritage Foundation has put forth numerous article on this top and we have made our views apparent many times in the past.

Don't study it, KILL IT!

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Vile said...

IMO, one has to study it and know what it means before they should kill it. Informed decisions allow us to exercise our right to choose what we want and don't want.