Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great Leaders - Rose Hunte-Roberson

We have a new contributor today with her comments regarding yesterday's mayoral election on which we too will soon have more commentary, but this is a letter she authored that we believe needs to be published.

"The true measure of man is not in the fact that he/she faces adversity but how that person overcomes adversity.

Hal was not defeated. His opponent obtained resources and a myth, which he rode to a victory. When after all is said and done, this choice of leadership’s true nature will be revealed by the impending devastation to come. Hal’s leadership and brilliance will be sought in the near future as the city slowly realizes its grave error. However, the true sadness will be in that the ones who most zealously opposed Hal will remain totally oblivious to the devastation their choice has wrought.

However, we must realize that a social victory, which Hal accomplished will soon overcome the numerical defeat won by the uninformed. Hal will always be my leader. This morning, I have already had others approach me and say< “What have we done?” One student at Ben Gray’s victory said that when Jim was announced the victor, she overheard another person state in a slow shocked voice; “But we needed him.” Meaning Hal. Many have stated that Jim did not look happy that he won. Well, that is because he did not. His wife did. Jim is out of his league. We should brace ourselves it will be a bumpy ride. However, I can take solace in knowing that this city still has a champion. A true contender who without public acclaim and recognition, will make things right, just as he did for the past eight years.

We love you Hal. I love you. You are a great man. It is not over yet. We must suffer the fruits of the choices we make. The citizens of Omaha must feel the weight of their decision. Only then will they truly appreciate your greatness and the brilliant leadership you would have provided in an official capacity and, which you will provide in an un-official capacity.

You chose the right man. Get ready for round two!

My love to you and Mary, Hal.
Your loyal friend always - Rose"

Rose S. Hunte-Roberson, MHR, PhD
Metropolitan Community College

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Anonymous said...

Caught just a bit of the Tom Becka show this afternoon, and, Tom, in his inimitable way, was saying much the same as Ms. Hunte-Roberson (i.e. What in {heck!} have the voters of Omaha done to our great city????)