Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Government Motors - The New G.M.

A good summary of the current situation at soon to be bankrupt General Motors and the consequences and potential consequences of government ownership of General Motors and Chrysler in the New York Times today at:

Earlier this morning some of G.M.'s bond holders rejected the governments offer to write down their investments so you can expect more invective from Barack Hussein Obama as to the greedy creditors who are 'forcing' the imminent G.M. bankruptcy. One might ask you, "If you have a secured investment in a businesses (your 401-K, your pension plan, etc.) why should you let the socialist/nationalization-oriented government of Barack Hussein Obama decide what you should get for your investment?" The consequence of these decisions will have an impact on our country and those who invest in our businesses henceforth and forever.

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Vile said...

Look on the bright side... there will be less speeding and massive saving on gas from outraged consumers like us who refuse to spend money on their sports cars in protest.