Friday, April 24, 2009

What to do when Uncle Sam asks?

When the government starts making decisions for our banks and financial institutions (or our auto companies or anyone else) we have nothing but problems. First who does the CEO owe his allegiance to, the U.S. government or his shareholders? Second, should the government be in a position to force a stock-holder owned business to do something contrary to its interest?
There is an interesting Washington Post Article about this today as regards Bank of America and Merrill Lynch at:

But this is just one example. Even as we speak, the federal government is trying to tell the bankers for Cerberus (Chrysler) that they need to give up secured positions in bankruptcy for common stock (worth maybe a third of the banks' secured value now). So you have the federal government telling banks that they now have a financial interest in to basically due something detrimental to their stockholders in order to help prop up another business (Chrysler) which the government will end up owning part of after a structured bankruptcy. How does that make sense?



Anonymous said...

With where the Obama Administration and his Congressional allies are going with the essential takeover of the financial industry, the automotive industry, the entire energy complex, the threat of potential charges against Bush Administration officials, threatening opponents by labeling them right-wing extremists, and as potential domestic terrorists, are they not setting themselves up essentially to NOT being able to afford to lose another election (potential Republican retribution)?
And thus, are they not laying the groundwork for ad infinitum one-party rule in this country? If one looks at the potential progression of what we've found over the past 90+ days, is there honestly another way to decipher their real intentions???

Anonymous said...

Tonight on Fox's Special Report, Charles Krauthammer cautioned that, should Obama and his minions continue on their current path, there will be "blood" spilled! Mr. Krauthammer is a conservative intellectual who is not a "flame-thrower"! His comments were, to say the least, discomforting, and perhaps prophetic!