Monday, April 20, 2009

A Man with No Plan

Yesterday, the Objective Conservative endorsed Hal Daub in the race for Mayor of Omaha. We chose to tell you why we endorsed Daub rather than to discuss his opponent. While we found many positive reasons to endorse Daub we didn't discuss his opponent--Jim Suttle.

In our endorsement we suggested that Daub has well articulated plans after we combed through the rhetoric of the campaign. What we found in doing so is that Suttle offers little more than platitudes. His modus operandi is simply to say that, "This is the problem and this is the outcome we want to achieve, now you tell me how to get there." For example he says crime and graffiti are a problem and we want to reduce it. Unfortunately, he never fills in the gap with any substance as to what his plan is to do so. Generally, he simply says that once we get there we'll work together to fashion a plan to solve the problem. In our eyes that is not leadership.

Suttle has been on the City Council for nearly four years. Many observed from his first days there that he was running and initiating a mayoral campaign from day one. One can't dispute that he has been ubiquitous since being elected having attended just about every funeral and neighborhood meeting in Omaha.
Over the last four years that Suttle has served on the council he has offered virtually no solutions to the increasing violence and graffiti that afflicts our city. He has offered no plans to reduce the actual amount of taxes that the city extracts from its citizens in taxes. While he has attended numerous neighborhood meetings he has not endeared himself to neighbors who want more control over the businesses that move into their area.

Now this is not to say that Suttle hasn't come up with some unique ideas. Among them was his idea to rebuild Rosenblatt by taxing folks in three other counties, including one in Iowa! We're sure that would have easily found support by the taxpayers in Sarpy and Washington Counties and across the river in Pottawatomie County, IOWA. Having failed to gain any traction on that idea once the determination was made to build the new College World Series Stadium in downtown Omaha, he came up with some slightly bizarre ways to use it for the other fifty weeks of the year that the CWS isn't to be played there. One of his ideas was to invite the Pope to come to the CWS stadium. Apparently, Suttle doesn't understand that the Pope generally makes appearances at places that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of believers-not 25,000 baseball fans. His next bright idea for the stadium was to build a bobsled course in it since it would be such a tall impressive building (maybe a hundred or so feet high).

One of Suttle's recent promises is to create 1,000 jobs in North Omaha. And how does he plan on doing it? By building a bridge across the Missouri River and an industrial park in Iowa!! We aren't sure where he will find the $50 million or so it will take to build the bridge but it seems obvious that it will take more than four years to build it and the industrial park which means he will not be able to deliver on his job creation promise unless he stays around as mayor for ten years or so.

Suttle continues to discuss problems/issues and offer outcomes. He claims to have 30 years of private business experience to draw on. To us it seems that an engineer would have more than an idea about what he wanted to build and what it should look like. It seems he might have blueprints on how to build it. This is where Suttle fails the leadership test.
Suttle is a man without a plan, an empty suit. Omaha deserves better than that in its next mayor.

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Anonymous said...

Omaha's Councilman "Moonbeam" Suttle (reference a former California governor!)seems to have latched onto the Obama "Change" mantra! Some questions that should be asked Mr. Suttle: Will his "change" also involve wasteful, excessive spending, a total capitulation to union interests, and a soft, "caring" approach to the city's crime issues? More "change" we really can't afford, or can't believe in!