Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jim Suttle -- Won't talk to the Press

Seems Jim Suttle thinks that Europe and Asia are much better with dealing with immigrants (that is illegal aliens in our parlance) than America. Seems Jim Suttle doesn't want to make criminals out of those who are here illegally or who hire them. No, apparently, he just wants a kumbaya sanctuary city sort of environment for them in Omaha. When he got caught on tape discussing his views at a recent neighborhood meeting, he subsequently refused to talk to KMTV Reporter Joe Jordan on camera because he doesn't think it's an issue.

Well, Mr. Suttle, there are a lot of folks who came here legally and a lot of folks who are out of work and a lot of folks who fought for our country (including Hal Daub but not Jim Suttle) who do think it's an issue.

Obviously, Suttle who is good at identifying problems and pontificating about outcomes doesn't understand that you need a plan to get from one to the other. In this case, he apparently doesn't think its a problem at least for the citizens of Omaha.

As we described him before, Suttle is a man without a plan--an empty suit.....

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allenhager said...

Both my grandparents came to this country and my mother is a first generation American. Im sick of people like Jim Suttle saying that its not a city or a local issue.

It is very much a local, city and state issue.