Friday, April 24, 2009

Good News - Bad News for 2010 GOP Senate Prospects and Arlen Specter

Well, it seems the 'sins' of Arlen Specter's past are catching up with him. Seems Pat Toomey, former congressman and former primary opponent against Specter, is catching fire this year with Pennsylvania Republicans. Could it be because of his vote on the stimulus? Could it be that Pennsylvania Republicans have finally decided that enough of Specter's liberal ways is enough? In just the first 24 hours after Toomey's announcement he gathered tremendous financial support.

With all this said, we have asserted that the GOP Senate opportunities are dismal at best in 2010. We at the Objective Conservative fully expect that we will lose three to five senate seats to the Dems in 2010. Hope we are wrong but given the races and vacancies we are watching we're not optimistic. Unfortunately, even with Toomey in the Pennsylvania race, prospects of taking that state are iffy at best.

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Anonymous said...

At some point, perhaps the OC would share with us it's analysis of the 2010 Senate races. Which seats does it consider to be in jeapordy? Which are relatively safe? The indicated projection could mean as few as 35 Republican Senate seats, which would be disas-trous for this nation!