Sunday, April 12, 2009

Foreign Law and Justice Ginsburg

Since we started the day by discussing constitutional issues (See Slippery Slope iteration below) we thought we couldn't ignore an equally frightening New York Times article in today's news, an interview with poor lonely (gender wise) Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We're not necessarily concerned about her rantings that she is the only woman on the Court and that Canada is much better since it has 4 women (maybe she wants a Supreme Court based on affirmative action?). No we are concerned about her love of foreign law and her need to both consider and cite it in her decisions.

You can find the article at and we promise it will give any conservative or person that respects the Constitution heartburn.........

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Anonymous said...

In similarly disturbing news, the newly designated chief legal counsel at the State Dept. (and a potential Supreme Court nominee or significant Federal judicial appointee at a future date) is an avowed devotee of applying "inter-national" law to U.S. jurisprudence!