Monday, April 6, 2009

Bill Ayers

From today's Patriot Post we find an article on none other than Bill Ayers, you remember, Harvey Perlman's friend. The editorial, 'Social justice' according to Bill Ayers says among other things:

"The latest ... successful attempt to spread hatred and violence has been to take that wonderful call to 'justice' and insert one word in front of it that makes it 'better' -- as in, 'social justice'. ... The combination of these words makes one feel so good. But it's time to pull back the curtain and find out what the term has come to mean, how it has been able to gain such massive popularity, and who is behind it. Can you say, 'William Ayers'? Yes, that William Ayers. ... "

For more about Harvey Perlman's buddy, you can read the full article at:

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Anonymous said...

At least Nebraska isn't alone in pulling the plug on Mr. Ayers!
Recently we found out there are some sane folk even in Massachusetts, because his invitation to speak at Boston College was withdrawn!