Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Pork-Laden, Earmark-Infested Omnibus Bill Passes

Well, it is no surprise that the omnibus spending bill finally passed. Here are our three thoughts:

  1. Senator Nelson continues to merit his Objective Conservative Hall of Shame nomination by his vote to support this bill AND HIS CONTINUED EVOLUTION TO THE LEFT, leaving main-street Nebraskans and their best interests behind. SHAME ON YOU BEN.
  2. Barack Hussein Obama breaks a major promise by saying that he will sign this bill which has some 9000 earmarks in it.
  3. Republicans continue to disappoint with eight senators supporting it's passage. They were: Senators Alexander, Bond, Cochran, Murkowski, Shelby, Snowe, Specter and Wicker. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. You might check out this site for more on Republicans and their earmarks:

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G. R. Florine said...

My W-H Public Pulse letter of Monday, asking if Senator Nelson was truly a "moderate" and fiscally responsible, elicited a phone call from the Senator himself from his D.C. office, which I was able to return Tuesday a.m. prior to the Senate vote. In our 15-20 minute conversation, Senator Nelson attempted to assure me that yes, he was a moderate, fiscally responsible, and, in fact, more conservative than certain of his Senate Republican colleagues (the latter of which I, with deep regret, concurred!). He did express concerns regarding the spending proposal, but then attempted to convince me that President Obama and Speaker Pelosi were getting a "bad rap" in the media for their "leftist tendencies", and weren't really the ultra-liberals as characterized. I protested about Speaker Pelosi specifically, and he agreed that certain of her actions and statements were "ques-tionable", and I then told him that the Senate vote that afternoon was critical, and that responsible Senators (Democrat and Republican) were our last bastion of defense against an out of control House! I actually left the conversation thinking there might be a chance Senator Nelson might vote against the bill, and a brief spot on Fox's Special Report last night gave me some hope on that, but, alas, the Senator chose to follow the pack!

It is apparent that Senator Nelson is sensitive to the critcism (i.e. the quick phone call). And it is obvious that those of us who are concerned about the current direction of this administration and fiscally irresonsible Congress
MUST keep the "heat" on the Senator!

G. R. Florine