Sunday, March 15, 2009


Although we read Rich Galen's 'Mullings' regularly, we often find him a little too rambling to share with our readers, but we'd suggest you take a look at today's diatribe on AIG. It kind of reminds us of the response, "I'm mad and I'm just not going to take it anymore."

AIG and it's handling by the Washington elite is unconscionable and their payment of millions of dollars in bonuses is beyond belief. Read Galen and you'll be really angry if you already aren't.

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Anonymous said...

It is critical to remember that the former (and apparently reasonably responsible) AIG exec was forced out of his position by former NY AG Eliot Spitzer, who managed to get a Dem sensitive CEO seated there, who has been on the watch there recently, and who was actually praised today by Barack!

It is time to stop exploiting this populist hysteria that is helping to erode our economic system, and continue focusing attention on the Democrats, and the Congresses culpabiltiy with this disaster.

Every time we criticize the economic system or specific situations, i.e. the recent bailouts, without explaining Democrat and Congressional involve-ment, Republicans / conservatives shoot themselves in the foot!