Monday, February 23, 2009

Cut spending in half by passing earmarks?

So President Barack Hussein Obama wants to cut the deficit in half by the end of his administration's first (and hopefully last) four years? Well he might do so by not signing the omnibus spending bill that is going through congress and will no doubt pass with 100% of Democrats and hopefully zero Republican votes.

Mike "Pence said that Republicans fear the bill will contain thousands of earmarks and a big increase in discretionary spending. He said such new spending, on top of recently passed economic stimulus package (PL 111-5) and other new spending to deal with the financial crises, was unacceptable.

We don't need thousands of new earmarks while trillions of our dollars are being spent building a nationalized economy.

For more on the bill, see:

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Lightfinger said...

“President Obama, Are You Listening?”
Nebraska DontGo Followers to Host a Tea Party

Nebraskans, following the lead of CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s call for a Chicago Tea Party, are hosting their own at the Douglas County Courthouse in Omaha. The Nebraska Tea Party will take place at 11:00am on February 27th.

Nebraskans are outraged with President Obama’s Stimulus Bill and the proposed Mortgage Bailout and are encouraging all who agree to band together and attend the Tea Party. The Stimulus Bill which will be giving away $1 trillion is the largest giveaway in American History and only the beginning. The proposed Mortgage bailout will cause tax money to be taken from Nebraskan tax payers and property owners and sent to California and Florida to help owners of multiple homes who don’t even bother to pay their own mortgages. The mandates in the bills will cost millions of dollars to Nebraska and Omaha residents in local taxes imposed upon the city.

DontGo National Communications Director Juliana Johnson states, “With all the displeasure we have seen with President Obama so far we are encouraging everyone to attend Tea Parties in their respective states and let the President hear our message.”

WHAT: Nationwide Chicago Tea Party in Omaha

WHEN: February 27, 2008 – 11:00 A.M. CST

WHERE: Douglas County Courthouse: 1819 Farnam St, Omaha, Nebraska 68102